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    About Us

    Established in 2003, IVT is a specialist in enterprise IT infrastructure. We have a strong focus on the core hardware infrastructure backbone of servers, storage and networks that make up the basic computing fabric of both data centers and corporations alike.


    We are an Asia-based regional firm with an established track record of helping our clients to design, deploy and understand their computing infrastructure through our consulting, professional and educational services. IVT is a proud partner of such industry-leading firms as EMC, Dell, VMware and Amazon Web Services and we focus on providing clients with the trusted products and platforms of these industry leaders. 


    Our culture & values are rooted in our Asian heritage of respect, accountability, integrity, diligence - plus hard work - and we have combined that with a strong innovative streak and a passion to make our clients successful that have seen us grow from a single office of 2 employees based in Penang in 2003 to a regional firm of 60 outstanding staff in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia and Taiwan.


    For more than ten years IVT has successfully provided advanced technology and learning solutions throughout Asia.


    Our mission is to continue to be a leading technology and learning solutions provider within our industry and markets.

    At IVT we are all about outcomes and delivering value. Our commitment is to design and deliver outstanding integrated technology solutions and in doing so, at all times, create exceptional business value for our key partners and customers.

    This is achieved by:


    Our ability to effectively understand and diagnose the unique needs of our customers’ businesses


    Our capability to respond rapidly, adapt and formulate integrated technology solutions matched to those needs


    Our commitment to build supportive, trusting and long lasting relationships with our partners and customers


    Our continued focus on developing advanced, industry-leading specialisations


    IVT has the experience, expertise and capabilities to effectively serve and support the needs of any business.


    With a highly qualified team of specialists across an extended range of solutions IVT provides a unique balance of being small and flexible whilst possessing and providing high level technical expertise and capabilities.